You begin with questions

What’s your intention?
Where do these new maps lead?
The same place?
A practice room floor?
A mattress on the floor?
Dim Halloween light through shades?
How do we honor our anger?
How else do I draw a new map unless I ignite all these pieces of the fences before?
What is triggering me?
What does it represent to me?
Is it true?
How can I see what is triggering me in someone else?
How can I see that in me? 
Do you think they can tell?
That I care endlessly for them?
That I will never relinquish?
That I will always love?
Why are we so limited by narrative?
Which shortcuts am I taking that leave me exhausted?
Where did all the hours go?
What stories haven’t been told?
Where would we be without stories?
What is art’s place?
Why are we so obsessed with beauty?
Is my music patriarchal?
Where does patriarchy show up in my art?
Have I been too comfortable?
Is it time to lose myself again?
Is this all too familiar?
Am I a woman?
Did she know?
Is all art manipulative?
If I can’t connect emotionally, can I at least honor its craft?
What is it then that music has done to me?
Why can’t I stay awake?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Are we not done with this world?
Why do we cling so steadfast?
To these suits of armor?
Do you believe in the charm of scars?
Where is the child-like wonder?
What is it about pedestals?
What is it about women in old paintings?
Why don’t we ever see Mother Mary’s eyes?
What do people walk so fast?
Where are they going?
What of these elders who go to the restaurant alone?
Do you think they see the ghosts of the people they used to eat with?
What if we prayed to be delivered TO our greatest fears?
What do you see?
What do you do?
How is that supposed to help?
How to deconstruct?
Why do I keep lighting a candle every year?
Why do I keep calling to him?
Was I trying to write a poem?
Will you cause her pain?
Is that your intention?
Would it alarm him to know he's about to look at the teeth of a witch?
What do I summon?
What do I summon?
What was I expecting?
What am I doing?
But being delivered, but being delivered.