Page of Cups

for piano, clarinet, and viola


Written for and performed by Alice Sprinkle, David Leech, and Sarah Broadwell, The Pine Trio. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so you'll hear falling into wonderland, chatting with the Cheshire cat, entering a mad tea party, some Queen of Hearts raucous (truly she's a reversed Queen), and falling back into the dream.

For me, Alice in Wonderland is a Rite of Passage story. Alice is becoming less child and more adult. Her body is changing, she wants to go somewhere but doesn't know where, and she's trying to figure out the rules of Wonderland but they mostly seem absurd and nonsensical. I think where I differ from Lewis Carroll, is that the childhood innocence doesn't truly die. There is something we still can gain from finding this place of everything being new, from journeying to wonderland.