Silen Wellington

Composer   Performance Artist   Poet   Witch


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Join me for my first full-length solo show! A night of Queer/Trans performance art, electroacoustic music, spoken word, and ritual exploring themes of legibility/illegibility, coherence/incoherence, survival/resistance, and the sacred/profane.

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About the show:

The overall show title Body like Scripture, is both a prayer and an assertion. Body like Scripture, as in — without denial — my body is sacred, the map I follow, all the guidance I need to lead me to the horizons I seek. Body like Scripture, as in, please let these worlds change, so we may value our trans bodies, please let these worlds change so we may listen more to the wisdom of our bones, these bones that have come from Earth and return, these bones that can call us forward into accountability, into dreams of sustainable futures. Body like Scripture, as in, maybe through witnessing this performance you can more deeply experience the ground of your being, let the reflection of my art echo-shine off some important place within you.

About my collaborators:

I’m excited to also be working with some visual artist friends on this project! Boulder-based artist Shruti Kaul will be doing videography and Fort Collins-based artist Saskia Becker will do installation art.

Accessibility info:

*Speakers will be loud enough to feel sound
*Service animals welcome

  • Mercury Cafe in Denver:

    • No stairs to performance area

    • Wheelchair accessible to performance area

    • No steps to bathroom

  • Wesley Foundation in Boulder

    • One flight of stairs to the performance area

    • Single stall, non-gendered restrooms available

  • Wolverine Farm in Fort Collins

    • One flight of stairs to the performance area